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Baby Ace Model C Donation

The Corben Sport Planes Museum recently received the donation of a Baby Ace Model C from Mr. David Adams. The Baby Ace Model C was built by his father, Mr. XXX, in 19XX. Mr. XXX was a A&P Mechanic and flew as a pilot for Pan Am Airlines.

Make a Donation

The Corben Sport Planes Museum was established to tell the amazing story of Mr. Corben, these remarkable aircraft, and those that followed Mr. Corben and kept his dream of safe, easy, and inexpensive flying alive. To achieve these goals, Corben Sport Planes Museum welcomes all relevant donations. All donations must be made without restrictions to be accepted.

We accept all donations related to Mr. Corben, any Ace aircraft (per the restrictions below), and anything related to any other owners in the Ace aircraft lineage (i.e., Mr. Poberenzy, Mr. DuCharme, Mr. Jacob, Mr. Baird, Mr. Meadows, or Mr. Wood) and their respective companies.

We can only accept donations of Ace aircraft that were built:

We do NOT accept Pober aircraft.

We also accept any aircraft parts, avionics, instruments, engines, equipment, memorabilia, marketing material, photos, books, magazines, and other publications as well as financial donations.

To make a donation, please contact us at:

Corben Sport Planes Museum
2696 Airport Drive
Toccoa, Ga. 30577
(706) 886-6341


This page last updated Monday, June 29, 2015